Mining Farm Automatic O&M Management PlatformQ & A

1.What brands and models does AntSentry support?

AntSentry supports the whole series of antminers.

2.What are the hardware requirements for installing AntSentry?

Recommended equipmentSpecial NUC (recommended), Raspberry Pi device (recommended), laptop, desktop computer
RAM4G or more
CPU2 cores or more
Disk50G or more

Each of the above equipment can install up to20,000 miners. Please contact for the equipment requirements for a larger number of miners.

3.How to try AntSentry?

You only need to log in to the website “” and sign up according to instructions. After logging in, you can try the AntSentry system. Only a “test farm” will be available for you to be familiar with the functions, and the only operation allowed is to create a mining farm.

4.How to use AntSentry?

AntSentry is a miner monitoring system based on cloud services. You need to install Client on your equipment, ensure the equipment and the miners are on the same network, and add the IP range to scan. Then you can use AntSentry services by logging in through the browser wherever you are.

Note: At present, AntSentry only supports the monitoring and related services of antminers.

Install AntSentry Client

Prepare a device to install the Client, which is the server where the Client runs. A special NUC or Raspberry Pi device is recommended (for installing the Client only) to ensure the it runs stably.

During the use of AntSentry, the equipment and Client must be working, and the equipment and the monitored miners must be on the same network.

Here, a Windows system computer is taken as an example and can be referred to for other equipment or systems.

Open the website to contact AntSentry's staff to provide AntSentry Client installation package (The name of client is AntSentry Client.exe).

Double click the AntSentry Client.exe file, and the black interface will appear, indicating that the installation is completed.

Find the agent.txt file in the software installation directory, and the content in it is agentkey. It will be used when creating a mining farm.

Create a mining farm

Log in to and sign up according to instructions.

After signing up, you need to create a mining farm. In the upper right corner of the page, click "All mining farms > Add" and fill in the information to create a new mining farm. Agentkey is the content of the. Agent.txt file found in the software installation directory. Agentkey is unique on every computer.

Configure scanning IP range

In the navigation bar on the left side of the new mining farm page, click "Settings > IP Range Management > Add" to add “Start of IP range” and “End of IP range” to be monitored and scanned.

After adding, click "OK" and the system will scan the added IP range. Multiple IP ranges can be added. All the antminers can be scanned as long as they are on the network of the computer and their IPs are within the set IP range.

After a miner is found, its operation status and relevant data can be viewed through the AntSentry.

For configuration methods such as Batch on-shelf and Batch off-shelf, mine pool white list, Shelf setting, Role management and Customer management, as well as other AntSentry functions and instructions, please see the “AntSentry Operating Manual” for details.

5.What’s the purpose of creating Shelves?

Creating shelves refers to creating virtual shelves for placing miners in AntSentry, which correspond to real mining farms and shelves in a one-to-one manner (see the figure below). After creating a shelf, you can overview the miner model, offline number, abnormal number, number of slots and number of vacant slots through the shelf view. You can export vacant slots with one click, quickly arrange miners, and quickly locate abnormal miners to improve operation and maintenance efficiency.

6.How to view the miner backend by AntSentry?

Generally, when the computer and the miners are not on the same network, a miner’s backend cannot be accessed. In order to make it easier for operators to view a miner’s backend, we have redesigned the backend interface. Just click a miner’s SN (as shown in the figure below) in the "Miners Monitoring >On-Shelf Miners" in the AntSentry system, the miner’s backend page will be displayed (as shown in the figure below) 。

7.How to add or modify customers?

Add customers:In the navigation bar on the left side of the mining farm page, click "Settings > Customer Management > Add" to open the dialog box below. Enter information and click “OK”. After adding, you can see customer information in "Settings > Customer Management";

Modify customers: Go to "Miners Monitoring >On-Shelf Miners", click "Batch Operation > Modify Customers", and the following dialog box will appear. Select "Target Customers" and "Range of miners" to modify. You can select "Selected miners", "All miners filtered in the list" and "Specified IP List (the IP list file in the TXT format needs to be uploaded, and each line includes only one IP).

8.How to add personnel in the AntSentry?

Sign up: You can log in to “” and sign up. If you have already signed up, this step is not needed;

Add personnel: Go to "Settings > Personnel Management", click "Add", and the following dialog box appears. Enter information and click “OK”.

9.How to authorize roles?

Only administrators can authorize roles for other personnel. Go to "Settings > Personnel Management";

On the right side of the page, all personnel in the mining farm are displayed. Click "Authorize" to authorize a person (as shown below).

The following dialog box appears, and you can select a role. The system defaults to three roles: “Admin”, “O&M” and “Visitor”, and the default role permissions are configured. If you need to configure other roles, you can customize the roles and permissions through “Settings > Role Management”.

10.How to customize roles and permissions?

Only administrators can configure roles and permissions. Go to "Settings > Role Management", and the three default roles of the system are displayed as shown in the figure below. You view and edit the corresponding role permissions, or delete roles;

If you want to customize roles and permissions, click "Add", and the following dialog box will appear. You just need to input the role name and configure the role permissions.

11.Can the AntSentry restart miners automatically when exceptions occur?

It can be configured through "Auto Management > Auto Reboot". You can also customize the auto reboot time frame, maximum number of reboots of a mining rig in a day and so on.

12.What if I want to replace the device where the Client is installed?

When the computer needs to be replaced, install the Client “AntSentry Client”on the new computer.

After installation, go to the installation directory of Client on the old computer and find the agent.txt file. Then, replace the agent.txt file on the new computer with the agent.txt file from the old one

Reopen “AntSentry Client” on the new computer to complete the replacement process with all the historical data kept.